About me

There are many dimensions to my professional and personal journey which give me the confidence that I can help you to change your relationship with your food, eating and body and start living a healthier, happier and more authentic life. 


I have more than 25 years experience as a meditation and spiritual and personal development teacher.  More than 20 years experience as a professional soft-skills, and self development trainer in the Middle East, Europe and Australasia.  I am certified Eating Psychology Coach with the Institute for the Pychology of Eating.  A certified Raw Food teacher with Karen Knowler (The Raw Food Coach)  I am also a Certificated Associate Chef in Raw Culinary Arts with the Organic Garden Cafe in Massachusetts.  


However I feel it's my personal physical, mental, emotional and spiritual journey which provided the best background for being an Eating Psychology and Life Coach

My story

Born in New Zealand, by 15 I strongly believed that high schools should be offering free counselling for students on eating and body issues.  I saw that myself and thousands of young women were been held back from fulfilling their potential.  Obsessing about body and weight in this vunerable life chapter, was draining valuable mental, emotional and physical energy.  Plus the additional blow to our fragile self worth that comes from feeling hopeless to get a handle on what we think should be a simple aspect of human existence – feeding oneself! 


Searching for answers to my questions about consciousness, human potential and spirituality, lead me to study and teach meditation and self-awareness  for 25 years in the UK and then Turkey with a world wide women lead non-profit organization called Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University.   I also worked as a soft-skills professional development trainer for over 20 years in the UK, Europe and the Middle East. 


I believed that self awareness and meditation were the panceas for all human suffering, including the resolving of food related issues.  Perhaps it is for some, but not for me.  During those years my eating habits and weight fluctuated.  


The good side of having ‘food issues’ as many of you may know, you end up studying an awful lots of books around eating and nutrition.  Fit for Life, with its emphasis on food combining, whole foods, and a high raw diet definitely helped me eat a better diet.  But it didn’t stop me overeating nor indulging my sweet tooth – a nice way of saying secret sugar binges. 


I used several master cleanses of 10 to 20 days on lemon juice, and maple syrup only, to lose weight, in the name of detoxing.  I went 100% raw vegan for 8 and 5 months at a time.  This was perhaps the time when I felt most satisified with my eating and weight.  I became a qualified raw food teacher and raw food chef.  And genuinely my favourite foods became fruits, smoothies and awesome salads. 


However, I noticed that I was still over eating on raw food, still not content with  my body, and all it took was a few meals of steamed potato with my salad and I was once again off the rails totally.  Over the years it became harder and harder to get myself back on the wagon.   The thinking behind the raw food diet, is that with superior nutrition, the food cravings which stem from being under nourished on a low quality cooked diet, will melt away naturally.  I experienced this to be true somewhat.  But for an all or nothing mind-set, living on the edge, obsessing where my next salad was coming from, this caused me too much stress. I wanted food to cease to be an issue.  I wanted to get on with life.


I knew a lot about healthy food, and had experienced a lot of benefit from generally preferring a whole food, high-raw, simple diet, but I would still swing into these high carb and sweet filled periods where I felt awful on every level, and frustrated at how these phases would often come and go, seemingly out of my control. 


The search to understand my own psychology in regards to food lead me study and try out just about every philosophy and practice in regards to overcoming overeating.   All the theories offered something helpful but there were definitely some approaches which had more resonance to me than others. 


I am a certified Eating Psychology Coach with the Institute of Mind body, including their Fundamentals of Holistic Nutrition course with the University of Hawthorn. I find Marc David the founder, to be an extraordinary coach in this arena.


I also deeply value the work of Gillian Rilley with her Eating Less Approach

and Susan Pierce Thompson of Bright line Eating.


The teachings of Abraham Hicks on the metaphysical aspects of weight, body, food continue to be a constant source of inspiration. 


Although I think we all wish that we would find that one book, one diet, one philosophy which will give us a neat formula to never have any food or body related issues again.  I think everyones’ journey is completely unique, and its useful to be open and experiment with new ways of exploring your relationship with food, your body and with your life.


I call myself a Eating Psychology and life coach because I believe how we live life is how we deal with food, and how we deal with food is how we live life.  I believe that our eating issues are doorways to discover much deeper, who we are, why we are here, how does live work and how I can make my life work.  What do I want to be, do and have in my life.   How can I be an extraordinarily happy, free, healthy, creative, loving being.


Through my blog and coaching services I want to explore these conversations.  The more I live and travel and meet people all over the world, the more I appreciate how each one has so much experience, depth, talents, qualities to share with the world.  But I am also aware how many of us get held back, waiting for body, weight, eating issues to be out of the way, so we can finally start being our better selves. 


I hope that my explorations of these topics through the blog can prove helpful in your own life.  And if you wish to work one on one, exploring your personal food, body and life journey, and find the ways that work best for you, to move your life forward to greater heights I look forward to connecting with you.