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Become a naturally healthier eater

Start really enjoying being in your body

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I am available for phone or Skype coaching sessions throughout the year.  Please contact me for a price list.

Let me know where you are, in case a face to face coaching session may be possible.

I travel frequently, but you can often find me in Nelson Bay Area, or Christchurch, New Zealand

India, UAE, Turkey and the UK.

No up coming events.


If you are interested in attending an event please join my mailing list below.

Can you afford a coach?

I know for some of you hiring a personal Eating Psychology Coach might not seem like a big deal.  But for others it may seem like a extravagance.   Peace around money is so important and I'd always recommend frugality over splashing out if you are feeling money anxiety.  There are great on-line resources available free or for a small cost. 


However, in defence of those who like to use the phrase 'investment' instead of 'price'.  I really do believe that when we significantly improve our relationship with food, eating habits, body weight and body image, life opens in so many ways that we wish we had done it earlier.  


If I think about how much money I have wasted over the years, on diet books, on 'fat' and 'thin' wardrobes, on junk food, gym memberships I never used, not to mention the holidays spoilt, opportunities missed, social contacted avoided, etc, etc, etc!  . I  think you get the picture.


Probably you are on this website, because you have tried lots of other approaches on your own, or perhaps with a diet or exercise professional.  If this is you, I do believe giving yourself the gift of a personalised guide to help steer you through your eating journey, combined with both our highest intentions for change, will be a start of a new phase of your life, one in which I hope 'investing' in yourself becomes a new way of being, and one in which all the energy which was trapped in your eating and body challenges is released to create new abundance on every level of your life.

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