15 Ways to Create a High Vibrational Home

If your home doesn’t make you feel uplifted just stepping into that space,

it's a wasted opportunity. With just a little time, money, and effort you can create changes that will pay off in terms of raising your energy.

15 Ways to Create a High Vibrational Home

Our living spaces are really vital to our sense of well-being. There are thousands of magazines, books, blogs, TV programs devoted to home decorating, organizing your home, the domestic arts. And with good reason. Our environments reflect and influence our inner worlds dramatically.

Your home is one of your most personal creations, and what uplifts one person definitely won’t work for everyone. I love to watch programs like George Clarkes Amazing Spaces or Grand Designs. It’s fascinating to see how different peoples living spaces are. From huge expansive spaces to tiny homes, from modern minimalistic design to bohemian colorful antique filled warrens. But whatever your style, if your home doesn’t make you feel uplifted just stepping into that space; it's a wasted opportunity. With just a little time, money, and effort you can create changes that will pay off in terms of raising your energy.

I thought it would be fun to compile a list of things we can do to make our spaces more feel great to be. Maybe some of them will inspire you to put a bit of extra love into your home and reap the benefits of feeling good there effortlessly. Although most of these suggestions are practical things to do, first and foremost your home is filled with the atmosphere of your thoughts. So all the candles and plants in the world can’t fix the energy of your home if you are holding on to anger. Especially in the kitchen, where food is prepared and holds the vibration of the cook and kitchen, create a sacred space by keeping loud talking and conflict away from that space.

1. De-clutter. I know it's a bit predictable, and so many books and blogs suggest this, but it’s because it’s so true. In Feng Shui it’s suggested that you never keep junk piled under your bed, because it affects your sleep, but I think it applies to every aspect of your home. Everyone knows that great feeling you get, when you’ve cleared out a cupboard and re-organised it. Although a few people seem to flourish in chaos, I think most of us respond to space that is clean, and clear of unnecessary, unused stuff. Make it a project to tackle area, by area, and throw out or give away what you don’t use, and organize the rest. I love ‘a place for everything and everything in its place’ philosophy, and being able to locate something without searching for it, makes for easy living. I would say as a side note though, I think every home needs a clutter drawer, jar, basket or cupboard. No one can be organized all the time, and a holding area for ‘stuff’, is essential for sanity.

2. Comfort. I’m a bit comfort freak. Could me my Taurus rising, but whatever it is, its enough to make me walk out of a café if the seats are too hard, and those metal garden type furniture sets, don’t get me started! Again this maybe my thing, but I like a space that says, come on it, settle down, and make yourself very comfortable. Lots of comfy seats, pillows, rugs. No hard minimalist hard wooden chairs for this gal. But whatever floats your boat.

3. Cleanliness. Probably the cheapest way to raise the energy of a space is to clean it! With natural cleaning products preferably, unless the smell or bleach turns you on. I think there is a reason people say cleanliness is next to godliness. With being OCD about it, clean spaces and the act of cleaning spaces, definitely seem to uplift our moods and it seems to be a universal human trait. We associate lack of self-care, a state of depression or addiction with letting our environment become dirty and likewise, cleaning up our spaces, as a transformative action.

4. Flowers

To me, nothing seems to say, I love myself and love my home, more than a bunch of fresh flowers. Whether you pick wild ones from a paddock or pay for a florist to keep your home full of flowers, don’t under estimate the happiness impact of a bunch of God’s little floral messages of love. The 5$ you may spend on a coffee, could also be spent on a few flowers, which will you many more moments of joy.

5. Art & Photos

A home without art or photos on the walls, doesn’t feel complete to me. An original painting would be first choice, especially if painted by yourself or someone you know. But a print is also great. Choosing images that hold significance or just make you feel good is a great way to energize your home. It can be good to change them from time to time also; since we often become oblivious to things we see all the time. Photos of loved ones or favourite places, around the home, also put us into the frequency of love and happiness with their presence.

6. Handmade objects

I love handmade anything! I think many people do. I appreciate the Bauhaus philosophy of making beautiful objects available to the masses through technology but William Morris’s handmade ways is my more my cup of tea. Whether it is pottery, art objects, hand stitched rugs, hand sewn cushions or table clothes, I would rather have one beautiful hand-made plate than a dozen factory produced ones. And handmade stuff is often to be found super cheap in second hand shops. The best of course is an object handmade by yourself or someone you know, I’m sure the energy of hand made objects lingers in the object somehow, and if its made especially for you with love, that is multiplied manifold.

7. Colour

Colour choice is again a very person thing. Some people love a minimalist pallet of greys, blacks and inky blues, others go for white everywhere, and then there is Frida Kahlo colour on colour, or ethnic patterns look. Whatever your taste, colour does affect us. Experiment, try something new, and be aware of the power of colour in calming, livening or inspiring you.

8. Know your style

As I mentioned in the introduction, what works for one person, doesn't necessarily work for others. It can confusing sometimes when you see Home and Garden magazines, and think every style looks amazing. If you have the luxury of decorating a place from stratch, try on different styles, either in your imagination or by visiting friends houses and seeing how it feels to be that kind of space. You may get impressed by someones Bohemian home filled with their musicial instruments and exotic object collections, but maybe the clutter will annoy you, likewise a super minimalist or tiny home may seem appealing, but living in a place where you have to put everything away before you do anything else, can also become tiring. Also, just because you like a certain art deco cupboard or mid century sofa, doesn’t mean you have to make that era your style. Sometimes a little bit of everything thrown together can satisfy the vintage, bohem, classic, romantic, hippy, modernist sides to yourself. You could also do as one of my artistic friends does and have a different theme for each room, with some rooms oozing Jane Austen romantic femininity and others filled with African wooden sculptures and religious iconography.

9. Light

Lack of daylight hours, especially in far north countries, is known to cause a kind of depression. Like plants, we humans are drawn to the warmth and light of sun. Breatharians are even said to live off the energy rays of the sun or moon. So open your curtains, fling open your doors and windows and let in the sunlight. Like the little sickly boy in the ‘Secret Garden’, being indoors wrapped up with the curtains closed and windows boarded up to keep out the germs is not the way to health and happiness. Old houses were often build to keep in the warmth, without considering light or views. So, you may even consider adding extra windows if you live in a dark house. There are even lamps with imitate the light spectrum of natural light. Lght filled spaces seem to fill our inner spaces with light too, so think about the quality of light in your home.

10. Plants

Plants are a beautiful way to bring nature in our spaces. They respond to human voice and energy and I’m sure they also add to the calming energy of a place. I think I’ve read that plants in the bedroom maybe not be the best because of the carbon dioxide, but feel free to add plants to kitchens, bathrooms, lounges, sunrooms, and any other space in your home.

11. Shrines and Meditation Spaces

I think these are one of the best ways to create a beautiful sacred feeling in a home. I know many people who use spare rooms as meditation spaces, where only meditation takes places. This helps meditation as your mind is conditioned to quieten as soon as you enter the space. An uncluttered room with comfortable seating, a picture or object of focus if that’s your method and some bells or incense can add to the ambiance. Most people don’t have a spare room however and therefore a shrine can also be great way to bring the sacred into the mundane. I’ve seen people make shrines out of shells and driftwood, or a simple table covered in a cloth, where you can place objects, pictures, anything that helps you connect with your inner most self. Many spiritual paths also use their rooms or shrines to offer a portion of their meal to God or Buddha or their deity of choice. Although it may sound like an archaic superstition, it can actually be a way to become more conscious of the energy that you put into your food and to bring the awareness of a divine dimension into the everyday activity of cooking and eating.

12. Air quality & Fragrance

We instinctively flee from bad smells and are drawn to sweet fragrances. Walking into a home and immediately smelling fresh lilies, or lavender, or a vanilla candle burning, creates a feeling of being somewhere special. Consider adding fragrance, especially natural ones to your home, and if nothing else, open the windows every day and let the fresh air circulate in your home.

13. Rituals & Gratitude

I love rituals, though you do have to be careful that a ritual doesn't become a mindless habit. Some people burn sage to purify the atmosphere, or express a verbal thanks to their homes and everything in it that gives them happiness, or perhaps cleaning the house on a particular day of the week or decorating their space with themes according to holidays. There are loads of different things you can do regularly as a ritual to honour and raise the energy your space or from time to time to make it extra special.

14. Vision Boards, Quotes

Nothing is more uplifting than the vision boards that you have personal created or a print out or hand written note of a quote you find uplifting. Decorate your space with these treasures of creativity and inspiration and look at them often.

15. Candles & Fireplaces

Just as natural light is beneficial, like moths most of us are drawn to candle light or open fires. It make take a little more effort to light candles, rather than flick a switch, but it does create a lovely ambiance in a room. And as for open fires, I think we all know what a treat that is. In doors or outdoors a fire is healing, warming, and conducive to reflecting on the deeper aspects of live, or not thinking at all!

16. Pets

I left this off the list of 15, because after watching Earthlings, I’m a little reluctant to encourage people to get pets and perpetuate an industry which can cause a lot of suffering to animals. I’m also not stable long enough in one place to have that option. However, personally, when I come to a home which has cats, dogs, rabbits, chickens, pigs, tropical fish, anything, especially if they are off the dinner menu permanently, I am instantly smiling. Like all of nature, animals are still connected to the flow of the universe. People are said to live longer if they have pets. And the moving around in circles that cats do, is said to help the flow of chi in a home. Whatever the reasons, I do think pets are probably one of the most powerful ways to bring love, life and energy into a home. But they also need a lot of love and care. So please don’t get one unless you can really treat them like one of your family, for the entirety of their lives.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this list, as I’ve enjoyed thinking about all the aspects which make a home a wonderful place to heal, energise and be yourself.

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