4 Traps to Avoid when Making a Vision Board

Updated: Dec 15, 2017

All vision boards are not created equal and if we fall into these common traps, we may actually sabotage the process of finding, visioning and manifesting our dreams.

Vision boards are great fun to make and look at, and I’ve had enough interesting experiences to believe they can work really well. However not all vision boards are equal and if we if simply grab a pile of magazines and cut out pretty pictures, we may actually sabotage the process of finding, visioning and manifesting our dreams. Here are 4 traps that maybe you’ve fallen into?

1) Dreaming too big!

Isn’t that what we are supposed to do? It’s good to dream big if it really is your true dream. Vision boards are often full pictures of incredibly fit bodies, attractive partners, multi-million dollar businesses, big luxury travels.

Most people I know have pretty good lives already. A great life, is great because it is filled with moments of happiness, connection, fun. Most people don’t need or really want the complete life over haul that many vision board represents. Sometimes all you need is a creative hobby, more coffee dates with old friends, a better organized kitchen, and a few walks on the beach each week, to have a dramatically increased level of happiness.

Don’t get distracted by looking at others vision boards, and thinking you too should be aiming for the New York best sellers list, or running a marathon. Keep it to things which really make you happy and which you are think are obtainable without sacrificing other aspects of your life that you want. You can always update or make a new board if you out live the old one.

Better to fulfill the vision in a short time and make another, than to dream so big, that 5 years later, you feel like a failure looking at it.

2) Creating a Vision board from the Outside In!

The first step of creating a vision board is to brainstorm your ideal life. Too many people, skip that step or think they already know what they want. So they collect a bunch of glossy women’s or men’s magazines, perhaps also a few travel, home décor or national geography type magazines and start to look for images. Of course what happens, is your mind gets hijacked by a thousand and one images of other peoples dreams. Before you know it, you’ve cut out that picture of the beautiful boho wardrobe crammed with colourful ethnic clothing, even though you are trying to simplify your life, or the picture of the tanned backpacker on a Thailand beach, even though you were dreaming of your own organic garden.

In a world of opportunity and saturation of information about people’s lives, it can be really hard to know what you really want. Images are powerful triggers, and its better to write, or meditate on your ideal life without the distraction. Later you can find the images.

3) Being too externally focused.

Compare these two lists:

1000000$, an attractive partner, designer clothes, a six pack, a flat stomach, an awesome handcrafted house-bus, a world tour, to own a beautiful house, a best selling book. Or

To love and feel loved and valued, to feel my live makes a difference to the world, to be connected, to feel alive, to love myself, to feel close to God, to laugh, to be comfortable in my skin, to trust in the flow of life.

Now, most people think may think both lists would be great to have in our lives, or some adjusted version of both, but I think you get the idea.

Many vision boards focus only on the first, and forget that what we really want are often things that you can’t touch or measure. Many people think they want more money, when actually what they really want is the feeling of security or freedom. In fact if you are feeling insecure because you lack money, putting lots of wads of cash on your vision board, may just amplify your anxiety by being reminding you what you don’t have! And of course that anxiety will keep pushing away what you desire.

Instead of hankering after a perfect body and filling your vision board with pictures of perfect looking people who remind you that you don’t have that! It may be useful to put words and phrases, like ‘loving my God given body’, ‘delicious nourishing food’, ‘comfortable in my skin’ and putting pictures of beautiful salads and smoothies, and kids swimming or your favourite picture of yourself with love hearts drawn all over you. It’s not wrong to want beautiful ‘things’ in your life, but don’t forget they are still the cherry on top, not the cake.

4) .Being too Selfish

This is a controversial point, because it can sounds like being shamed for wanting what you want. For many of us, who have lived in scarcity mentality, finding out we can have everything and anything we want, can feel like all our Christmases have come at once, and we want allow ourselves to finally have what we really want. That's fine, you can. Just wanted to add, that in reality, and it is backed up by science, most of us feel our best when we are making a difference to others.

Whether that might be in creating earth saving technology, charity work, healing, beautifying places, being a peace maker, or simply be aware of the needs of those around us and trying to make others more happy, comfortable, at peace. We all come with unlimited gifts in us, and we get to enjoy them the most ourselves when we share them with others.

You could argue, that if you truly be your best self and live your own dreams, will you naturally help others around you, and that is absolutely true. But it may also be a dimension that you could include in your ideal life and therefore make some room for it on your vision board.

Don’t forget, the most important part of any vision board, is having images that make you feel excited, hopeful, expectant, that resonant with your heart. If a picture, makes you feel lack, jealous, hopeless, anything less that great, leave it out, for now!

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