Inspiration versus Perspiration

Updated: Dec 15, 2017

How the law of attraction really works and make how to it work for you!

Most people who study and believe in the ‘Secret’ or ‘the power of a mind in connection with the energy that creates universes,’ knows that its not hard work that brings success, especially if that hard work is done from a place of being out of alignment i.e. from a place of wanting, fear, lack, or desperation. Even if that hard work does bring some rewards, if you haven’t worked with happiness, you probably won’t really experience the results with happiness either. However if you first take time to get yourself in the right mental frame, in tune with the self and source, there will be more synchronistic meetings, more inspirations, maybe you will even work harder but it won’t feel like work, it will feel more like playing, creating.

Right now, your main priority in life should be to get yourself aligned with ‘YOU’. Who you truly are is like the north on a compass. If you are moving in thoughts, words or actions, even slightly off north, and if you are sensitive to your inner feelings, you will know it. If you pay close attention to your mind, you will recognize that you have a feeling about everything, and if something doesn’t feel right you have to change your thoughts, words or actions.

Abraham hicks uses an analogy all the time of the Vortex, which I imagine to be like a swirling mass of energy that is a psychic expansion or expression of everything you have experienced in your life (s). It contains all your preferences, your dreams, your specialties, probably some incredible sacred mathematical map to your inner universe. And like the swirling tornado in the Wizard of Oz, when you get close to it, it pulls you in and spits you out in a whole new world which is the manifestation of your truest desires.

How do you get into this vortex cum tornado? You feel your way in. Like that compass pointing north, your entry to your vortex is your true north, and when you feel great, inspired, enthusiastic you are in it or close, but when you are frustrated, depressed, hopeless, you are far from it. You are going south. Keeping yourself in the vortex, or simply in a good mood, is your full time ‘job’. What can I do to feel good right now is what you need to ask yourself again and again. And the answer could be anything, from a shift of country to a shift of attitude.

Being able to stay in the vortex, aligned with your true north self, more today than you did yesterday; that is the real success. Because that means you are happier. You are attaining what everyone is seeking. And then yes, there will also be ‘stuff’ that comes or happens, nice ‘stuff’ which is an added bonus, and doubly confirms that looking after your vibration is absolutely where its at. Those manifestations come in meeting increasingly awesome people, getting great ideas, feeling inspired, being offered perfect jobs in unexpected ways, or taking a random inspired turn down a side road and finding a secret lake surrounded by flowers.

Perspiration for me doesn’t just mean, don’t work hard in a crap job overtime hoping for a big break. But also means don’t work too hard on attracting stuff. Although I said it was a full time job feeling good. Being obsessive about the ‘Secret’ and having a set program everyday of 100 affirmations, 20 mins visualization morning and evening, putting vision boards on every wall, thinking about what you want all the time. Well, again, only do it if it feels good. But it’s probably just a temporary phase!

I usually get like that when things are going really bad. It's a kind of boot camp for my soul. It can be fun to cut out pictures of nice things you want to do or have in the future or to visualize yourself out in your ocean kayak exploring secret islands next summer. And affirmations such as ‘all is well, my future is bright’ can be really comforting. However, I find when I am more in alignment, there is less perspiration, in terms of the effort I put in to specific manifesting practices; like special meditations, visualisations, affirmations, vision boards. And there is more simply enjoying life and following my inspirations.

I’ve written before than often vision boards can be created from a slightly out of vortex space, as you look at magazine pictures of perfect houses and start to think ‘that would be nice’. You may start to create someone else’s dream. Or even worse, that big picture of what you want on your wall, when you are out of the vortex, just works to make you feel even worse. It's just a reminder of all the things you believe you will never have!

Of course its always good to have a few practices or routines that help to keep you aligned, for me walking in nature every day is one of them, writing in my journal also seems to help, as does listening to Abraham hicks clips on youtube. But generally, I’d rather be out enjoying my day than spending too much time working on manifesting. I work on my mood all day long. And I try to be flexible, because I think that is the key for inspiration to be able to work through you. And flexible can mean, I thought I wanted a house in this country but wow, look what someone is showing me in that country instead! Or I was planning to write an article today, but that person in the café is determined to talk to me, and wow, now they are my new best friend.

As Abraham says repeatedly, you take this stuff way too seriously! Don’t make The Secret’ your new religion, your new job, your new prison. Feeling good is the bottom line. And although that sounds simple, its actually such a subtle art which you can practice anywhere, any time, no methods, props or tools required.

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