‘Where’s my Stuff?' – Why You are Manifesting Zilch!

Updated: Jan 23, 2018

When people say that ‘law of attraction’ is unspiritual, that it is just focused on getting stuff, that it is superficial. Try using it! Even if you start out dreaming of a new car, pretty soon you will find yourself on an inner journey of self discovery and self mastery.

It's a bit like someone who studies martial arts in order to beat up their enemies, only to discover at the end of the training, that they have no desire to hurt anyone and they have no enemies. The whole training was about self-mastery.

The key to getting your stuff, is to feel you already have it. Now, this can mean one of two things.

· 1) You have so much confidence that it's coming, that you stop obsessing about it. The analogy is often used of when you put in an order at a restaurant, you expect it to arrive, you don’t fret and keep checking with the waiter. Of course such confidence in getting what you want, doesn’t come so easily; it is the by-a product of really understanding deeply your own power as a creator, your own value as a worthy being, and how the universe works.

2)The second key to feeling you already have something is to identify the essence of your desire, the quality which you seek through your desire and to connect with that quality within your self. In the ‘Secret’ you have such statements as ‘feel the love surrounding you even if its not that, and the universe will correspond to your inner song and manifest love, because that’s the way you feel’.

So if you are wanted a perfect body, you have to get to the point of really having love towards the body you have. Seeing it through the eyes of ‘source’ as the perfect body it already is. Or if you wish to have love in your life, it means keeping yourself in the frequency of love, loving everyone and everything around you, till you no long have the feeling of lacking anything, at which point you will attract people who will love you. But that will just feel like a bonus.

I think the real ‘stuff’ we need to focus on manifesting is good feelings, feelings of appreciation of what is, feelings of connectedness, feelings of abundance.

The Law of Attraction (The Secret) is not a technique to get stuff, it is a tool for knowing the power and divinity of yourself and the universe and being in a state of harmony, love, peace, power. And some of the biggest obstacles blocking us manifesting in our lives are:

  1. Impatience, in other words, taking score, measuring if the law of attraction is working in terms of getting stuff, instead of whether you feel happy.

  2. Inner conflict or blocks around your desires. Feeling guilty for wanting something. Maybe thinking it is greedy, or selfish, or unspiritual.

  3. Believing that the ‘stuff’ you want will actually make you happy when it arrives. Which means you continue to feel unhappy until it does. And even if it manages to arrive, it can’t make you happy.

  4. Getting too specific in your thinking. This means, you decide that only that particular job or person will ever make you happy, and therefore creating stress because you can’t easily control that outcome. Those feelings of stress work against your manifesting. It's better to go more general, and think about what kind of job you want, knowing that many different jobs could actually fulfill the essence of what you are looking for. This opens you up to the abundance of opportunities available and makes you more relaxed and therefore able to manifest a great job or person.

  5. Not trusting that the universe knows better than you. Having lived and worked in different muslim countries over the years, I'm used to hearing the words Inshallah, as in 'see on Tuesday, inshallah'. Meaning, that's my intention but if God has different plans, I accept that. We don't always know what is best for our highest good. And sometimes to get to our highest good, we need to take what looks like some unexpected side roads. Chill, relax, you are always on the path. Trust that it is working out.

Ultimately, life is not about getting stuff, it is about being in the moment, appreciating the amazing gifts of those moments, and being open to what life is offering you.

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